Mewtwonite X, Y available in Sun, Moon with universal code: Available for all regions

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Available for all regions

  • Friday, March 3, 2017

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This article brought to you by Bulbanews, your community Pokémon newspaper.
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Mewtwonite X and Y are now available in all regions of Pokémon Sun and Moon using the universal code M2DESCENT.

These Mega Stones allow Mewtwo to Mega Evolve into Mega Mewtwo X and Mega Mewtwo Y. This is currently the only way to obtain these Mega Stones in Pokémon Sun and Moon.

No end date for the code has been announced.

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  1. So much exaggeration in these clips! Every generation realizes there's more sex infiltrating the mainstream than before. Elvis will still remain the most shocking public figure, considering the climate of the time. This is such a cheap and easy subject to attract interest in a movie. It looks like one of those fear-mongering Christian TV specials on Metal and alleged satan-worship in the public sphere from decades ago.

  2. spune:Cum se numeşte erezia şi de cine a fost condamnată? Şi argumentaţi-vă cât mai sistematic poziţia, nu prin vorbe goale. Iar dacă nu ştiţi să o faceţi, nu-i nicio problemă. Vă înţeleg neştiinţa, dar nu pot să vă înţeleg îndărătnicirea de a apăra ortodoxismul în loc de Ortodoxie.

  3. jajaja qué susto!! qué bueno que salió todo bien!!y qué bueno la experiencia de couch!! Eso del mapa es buena idea! nosotros lo vimos en un chico italiano que nos alojó en china. Además, tenía una remera donde te hacía firmar. Aguante couchsurfing!! Eso no te hubiera pasado en un hotel! que siga la odisea!!! y que se le sume la magia!!beso grande!Aldana y Dino(magia en el camino)

  4. CarlaO, daaa…. o avem ÅŸi pe cea cu “veau ÅŸi io!”, alături de cea cu “io pot singulă!”… orice mâncăm, orice facem, orice miÅŸcăm sau vorbim, vor ÅŸi ele…Din fericire ale mele încă nu ÅŸi-au dat seama că ar putea cere deodată să facă pipi… dar nu mă grăbesc cu bucuria, căci inventivitatea nu le lipseÅŸte deloc!

  5. My “pill story” is almost identical to yours. I started it for medical reasons, and ended up staying on it for 10 years, until it just seemed like a bad idea for myself to continue. I have been off of it for several years now. I am just now exploring the bc method you are writing about, and am very curious!

  6. Blaming Sandy for the loss is a lot like blaming some dumb video for Benghazi. These are lies. Voter fraud on a scale none of us imagined led to this mess. This fraud was presented and packaged by our so called media, and republicans are either too frightened or too stupid to fight it. The only politician that I still respect after Tuesday, is lieutenant colonel Allen West.

  7. Hi Julienne, Looking at the family tree info I have from my sister, your grandfather and my Grandmother were sister and brother . (? half ) My grandmother was Mary Harriet Neylan born in 1873 and died in Tugan on the Gold Coast i 1949. I also live in Queensland on the Sunshine Coast, and would be happy to also put you in touch with my sister who has done the family tree. She lives outside Glen Innes.Thank you Joanne for your blog. It is so nice to see the house and to hear again some of its history.

  8. Linda,I’d love to hear what the others have to say about this. For me, the short truth is that you can bet that in addition to the books of mine you see (i.e. the ones that are published) there are others biding their time. Some I will go to bat for more than once because I believe in my passion for a topic even though I have yet to convince an editor. Some of those may become books. Other battles I will lose. So I guess, in short, the barrier is the fact that regardless of my passions, I have manuscripts that may never become books.

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  10. I would love to take BR. I am trying so hard to make ME be a priority in my life. I have struggled so long with my body and weight issues and have been riding the fence about this class. I feel the tug to sign up but I am not sure if I can spend the cash right now. I did SR1 and it was the beginning of the goodness trickling back into me. I know the power of Melody and her work. I just need a push to make dealing with my body be something I can face. Win or lose, I am so grateful for Brave Girls. <3

  11. Great article Kym. really points out that Paul supporters will outlast the old Neo-Con wing of the Party. As a delegate going to the National Convention for the state of PA I am re energized after reading the delegate count. I did not think Romney had enough to clinch the nomination but haven’t been able to find reliable numbers.

  12. What is the first step in installing a home theater? I plan on including:Seat risersProjectormotorized projection screentheater lightingsurround soundmedia closetAcoustics for sound (not sound proofing).Put them in order if you can. ThanksWow, you 2 guys gave me a lot of information and even more things to think about (not be sarcastic). Thank you so much.

  13. I was thinking today about when I would feel comfortable leaving Myles with someone other than Jeff overnight, like say we wanted a weekend trip by ourselves. The conclusion I reached is that I won’t be able to leave him until he’s old enough to understand that I’m coming back.You letting TQ stretch her wings, same thing. So hard and so much thought involved on our part for something that is a normal part of their development.Also, a stretch Hummer and fancy restaurant for a five year old birthday party? Whoo – the bar gets set higher and higher doesn’t it?

  14. Aha, doszÅ‚y do mnie gÅ‚osy, że niektórzy nie Å‚apiÄ… ironii w powyższym wpisie. OK, no to wyjaÅ›niam bardziej dosÅ‚ownie:1) nie ma jeszcze bety 32) nie ma nawet kompletnego rc1 dla bety 3 ( – brak paczek dla Windows)3) to, do czego linkuje artykuÅ‚ w PCF to zwykÅ‚e nightlies4) beta 1 pojawi siÄ™, jak któreÅ› jej rc zostanie uznane za wystarczajÄ…co dobre.

  15. I’m just saying that hearsay will only get so much attention. I’ve made proposals before and they’ve usually been met with “who has time to volunteer” and “how could anyone afford to volunteer” and “there are too many variables to control” and “the effects are based on cumulative exposure, not immediate” (that may have been posted on… I just don’t see “the movement” gaining any momentum without some data to support the stories.

  16. “Although of all groups in the United States, the least assimilated are Hassidic Jews/Orthodox Jews. They do not speak English, do not dress like normal Americans, do not send their kids to mainstream schools. Their neighborhoods are like 18th century czarist Russia in the middle of Los Angeles.”Res ipse loquitur.

  17. Anon28310, you are correct. It was IOKIYAR because the ones getting all the good stuff were wite. Now, it is taboo…because some folks getting goodies are brown.SPC, still miffed that you got served…and you want 'payback'. And the only way you know how is to stalk or threaten or harass. Duh. Abortion cowards are old news for me. And their heroic manly bravery of threats, stalking and harassment is typical.Mold

  18. Kathleen,At first I thought this was a rather strange post until I read Nick’s story. Thanks for pointing me to that. We really forget how soldiers’ lives are completely interrupted and at times shattered for the sake of our own well being. I wish him all the best, thanks,Tim

  19. Increible articulo, me ha ayudado muchisimo a ubicarme, y me ha impresionado, como  despues de haber estado en  SER, haya retrocedido a Pretender,pues he sido una mujer de acciòn; de armas tomar,que he estado en todo tu lo sabes de repente  he bajado la guardua y veo el retrocesp, pero nunca es tarde pra comenzar de nuevo, y con gente inspiradora como tù y Erick, me inspiran a no mirar atras sino a ver hacia adelante,vamos con todo, mi principal problema es ekl tiempo que tengo que optimizarlo y a la carga!!, Ana Vilma de Marchelli

  20. Hey SimonI can speak to my experiences and in that time I haven’t delivered a show to tape in about 3 years. There are ways to export to tape should you need to AJA and Blackmagic both have VTR apps for exporting to tape that are free. And Multi-clip is in the program up to 64 streams i believe. It’s a feature I just don’t really use. So if those are the two things holding you back it’s worth looking at.

  21. QE3 attendu par les banques (vu les rachats de banques par la FDIC…) et par les marchés, c’est sûr. Il FAUT bien compenser les « actifs pourris ».Amusant que mon incohérence ne suive qu’un énorme doute sur la fiabilité des chiffres.Peut-être, Onubre, que la fiction dépasse la réalité des « chiffres ».

  22. it before, but I can never say it enough, so I'll say it again…THANKS enormously for these mixes and everything else you do here, Moos. I don't download so much – there isn't enough time in the day! – but I pop by every day just to enjoy the sleeves, the names and the simple pleasure I get from knowing these wonderful artifacts exist and are cherished by somebody with a soul.Keep on grooving along!

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  24. Another way to look at it is that the median is less sensitive to skewing (the median is closer to the mode than the mean; the mean is pulled toward the skew/tail). So, when looking at, say, grades in an easy class, it’s better to look at the median grade than the mean for a better description of the class’ performance.

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  26. Rolando: Thank you! Like I told Karen, I strive only to be a beginner. It is as a beginner that we learn the most. Once we know something that cup becomes filled. I make sure to always keep mine empty! I guess that’s why it takes me two minutes to drink a cup of coffee! The symbolism just kills me, ha ha ha

  27. Hola Maite!!!!Ve a Teria Yabar, tiene cosas ideales y no es de precios excesivos de verdad !!!!! Si por lo que sea pasas por Majadahonda, no dejes de visitar Suite 210, tienen también cosas monísimas !!!!!En cuanto a zapatería ya sabes que una de mis favoritas es Pilar Burgos.. Y bueno, luego ya un poco lo de siempre,… Espero que disfrutéis mucho de vuestra estancia en MadridUn millón de gracias por seguirme, que tengas muy buen día !!!!!

  28. That is so funny about your ‘action shot’! I can’t believe you guys pack so many activities into your lives! I wasn’t raised that way so I guess I just don’t know how to do it. I’m glad your foot isn’t holding you back. 🙂

  29. je suis un marocain Les fumeurs s’exposent à des troubles au niveau de tout l’appareil respiratoire, notamment au risque de bronchite chronique et au risque de cancer du poumon.La nicotine augmente la sécrétion des acides gastriques et agit sur le système nerveux central.Fumer limite l’apport d’oxygène au cerveau et aux muscles. Il est responsable de maux de tête, de vertiges et d’une diminution de la capacité sportive.Les ophtalmologistes attestent que la nicotine est un facteur responsable d’une diminution de la vision centrale, une source de cataracte précoce et une cause de glaucome.

  30. J’espère ne jamais à devoir à prendre l’avion car cet engin m’a toujours fichu la trouille… Mais faire du stop, franchement… C’est plutôt risqué, non? A moins de le faire en groupe, pour pouvoir se défendre au cas où la personne qui nous prend est un taré…

  31. No, the sun is getting hotter. That would heat things up a bit right? There is no evidence that our carbon footprint on the earth is affecting the globe. Al Bore is an idiot. The only reason they want us to buy into the idea of global warming is so that they can start a global, yes global carbon tax. The powers that be are already talking about it.

  32. Do they even fully care whether or not their children get their wealth and power? There's so much of an individualistic "I pulled myself up entirely from my own bootstraps" that I'm not even sure the dynastic type thinking that would be necessary to provide a stabilizing force on wealth acquisition is really present…If the only question is if they can maintain their power until their natural deaths… it seems that LOTS more can be completely destabilized than otherwise.

  33. that most of these doomsayers are for profits only by using their false propaganda against those weak minds who can not think for themselves. Humans, humans. What’s next after december 21 2012, I’m pretty sure they will launch a new date for the next cataclysm in order to expand their profits from the poor mind who can’t make their own assessment.

  34. i’ve finally figured it out. the difference between UK and US advertising is this. in the UK you assume the attention of the consumer. in the US we don’t. we may act like an idiotic neofascist global bully, but we don’t do that.hence all your “ooh i wonder what this 90 second monotonous telly ad is all about?” type TV ads. we don’t do that stuff anymore. because no one is watching TV anymore here. it’s like, scary, dudes. we’re losing our power.

  35. Pascal Marty : dans le (3) le QUADRAGÉNAIRE se voit bien amputé de son accent. olimalia : Que nenni ! « Quadragénaire » s’écrivait sans accent « quadragenaire » dans les premières éditions du dictionnaire de l’Académie, ainsi que dans Richelet ou Furetière.Et le phasme de se féliciter (pour la ola, c’est à vous de voir) d’en connaître un qui n’a jamais souffert ladite  !PS : Qui a dit  « Le quarantenaire ne devient pas cinquantenaire, il devient historien ».

  36. sarah, November 12, 2009 at 10:34 am May i suggest everyone takes out travel insurance when booking with Tiger. Tiger cancelled one of our flights and refused to refund, with the help of our insurance we managed to get all our moneys refunded, with NO assitance from Tiger. We will never fly tiger again, even if they offered me a $1 flight, i wouldnt do it, they really are not worth the hassle.

  37. I came with no expectations and took a lot of things with me….it was great to see Pawan sharing his theater experience. It was nice learning and enriching experience…It was nice to see some of his best short films and worst as well….the best part was why he treats them as his worst films and the reasons for doing it and not repeating them again….All in all a great weekend spent……Thanks Pawan !!!

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  45. Did anyone here watch Hannity last night when he did the interview with the two guys who produced the movie…Generation Zero…..Just wondering what you thought or if anyone has seen the movie yet???? I think they are right on target!!

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  47. tggp, america extradited rudolf, zundle, and some other guy, against standard immigration procedure, knowing they'd be jailed.leuchter lost everything, and the subject is thoroughly, totally censored, far more so than race.but yeah, it's not illegal here yet, but that's the way the wind seems blowing. it's not something any historian would jump right into with no worries. but on the point, is it illegal, no, it isn't.

  48. Ratings, Yes, I don’t mind hearing about it. Although I thought about the question posed, why do we focus on it so much.I started to think, well if we know it rates well, then it must be good tv, but of course I was wrong.I think it was summed up best that the ratings are at least a way of working out who is watching what when… and that is of interest to some people, overall though, we know it’s not a great system, but it’s the only one we’ve got dammit!

  49. Can I just say what a comfort to find an individual who truly knows what they’re discussing on the net. You actually understand how to bring a problem to light and make it important. A lot more people ought to look at this and understand this side of your story. I was surprised that you’re not more popular given that you certainly have the gift.

  50. First of all – this dress suits you so well, it's astonishing. It truly was MADE for you!Second – I am now 22 (only 2 years younger than you, Grannie!) and have also never been on a date. Never even been asked, either. Honestly, I'm grateful for not having a long string of ex-boyfriends because I have absolutely nothing to regret or to admit to my future husband. It's very freeing. :)Our princes are out there Kate – I know it. I like to think that Dirk Bogarde and Douglas Fairbanks Jr are coaching them somewhere… ;D

  51. Hey Anonymous, I’d be very interested in a recipe! I tried Medovnik when I was in Prague a couple of years ago, and have been searching for an authentic recipe ever since – and as I live in Canada, I can’t have one delivered!email me (Please!!): shotgun dot duchess at gmail dot com

  52. Hey mike or someone who knows fitness. I am training for a pushup test and I have got the training part down, I was just curious about the diet. In order to get the most reps of standard pushups would it be better to be very lean like Mike or be a bit more bulky like Mike Chang (of six pack shortcuts) who is a little more bulky. I don’t mean to insult either of you guys but I think Mike Chang has a little more muscle and fat, but would that little more muscle lift the little more muscle and fat?

  53. I doubt would want to coach a loser tyeam such as the Minnesota T-Wolves. He’s too used to winning to go back slummin’. Larry Brown would be actually a better decision, although I don’t think that he’s that desperate to take that job. i’m sure that he’ll wait for a better opportunity. Is Don Nelson still alive? His former assistant, Keith Smart wopuld be a far better option than him.

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  56. ."Actually, i'm "skeptical" of her as a human being. Why does this little brat feel the need to burden the rest of us with her hollow thoughts and even less charming presence. Why can't she just go away somewhere(anywhere, just go) and live off mommy and daddies money, go shopping and get drunk like every other pampered, yet respectable rich kid does.Seriously…get lost Meghan McCain!

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  58. How odd! A buddy and I were talking just yesterday about how effective a .45 would be against a grizzly…now this! I carry a Kimber .45 and have always wanted to go to Alaska. All I can say is, these hikers are verrrrry lucky! Thank God the male hiker had the forethought to carry a gun with them.

  59. there is none”. it sounds to me a bit postromantic and full of “saudade ” of times gone with the wind. Yes Bahia is different today , Capoeira is different today, we capoeristas of 2010 are different: we are not facing the cruelty of the whip, but other problem are looming up > We have tp apply the “method” to the actual international situation situation .Vovo’

  60. Mysigt du hade det, ja det är länge sen nu man sÃ¥g sina barn gÃ¥ i luciatÃ¥g och en av de finaste var när dottern gick i kör och hade luciatÃ¥g och det var i kyrkan – sÃ¥ stämningsfullt, vackert och skönsÃ¥ng. Nu fÃ¥r man vänta till framtida barnbarn – mÃ¥nga Ã¥r kvar alltsÃ¥ 🙂 MÃ¥ gott

  61. I don't why people think we should just sit down with these jihadist that are bent on our destruction and sing kumbayah with them. Are y'all really that naive? We turned the other cheek for years and when we did retaliate it was half assed and look what it got us.

  62. depende da situação…..da ocasião…do momento….mas o pé tem que tá bem apresentável…nada de unhas sujas, calcanhar rachado….ou unhas estilo “zé do caixão”…façam-me o favor……afinal, mulher tbm olha pro pé ….não adianta nada tá todo produzidinho, gel no cabelo, etc…se tá com o pé feio….( que horror!!! )

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  64. Robyn, that’s interesting thank you – so it’s not just people with similar values, but also people with attitudes, characteristics and behaviours we admire but don’t necessarily model ourselves. Your love of humour is evident, and I know it’s how you and Brad became friends, which can only be a very good thing

  65. Sono piena di fatantasia! Ho appena cominciato! Se tu pensassi che questo fosse un po’ surrealisto…Aspetta per la prossima entrata dedicata soltanto alla parola “ne”! Sto scherzando…quasi…ma ora che me ne penso, farebbe un bel argomento!Veramente la parola “ci” per noi stranieri e’ una parola delicata e furba. Ci vuole un po’ per capirla bene.

  66. No puedo estar más de acuerdo contigo. He podido ver la película … veces, incluso llegué a leerme el libro. (Lo perdí hace algunos años y acabo de decidir que voy a volver a comprarlo)Recuerdo que la primera vez que la ví fué en un cine de la Gran Vía, con unos amigos que no entendieron mi entusiasmo.Es cierto que se trata de una película de culto y da gusto encontrar que no solo lo es para mí.

  67. Not Little Dorritt, not Bleak House, not Great Expectations…for sure, as I know those books well. In Lorna Doone and in Oliver Twist, a necklace identifies a true relative-Oliver’s mother and Lorna’s heritage. I am still thinking of two people with two halves-I somehow think it is a necklace. Also, in The Secret Garden, Mary discovers that Colin is her cousin, as they share an ivory elephant or something like, as their mothers each had such a talisman.

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